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          1、Never frown,even when you are sad,because you never know who is falling in love with your smile。縱然傷心,也不要愁眉不展,因為你不知是誰會愛上你的笑容。

          2、Stay hungry,stay foolish。求知若饑,虛心若愚。

          3、Between the cup and the lip a morsel may slip。功虧一簣。

          4、What youth is used to,age remembers。青年時經常做的事,老年時卻能記得起。

          5、What we do willingly is easy。世上無難事,只要肯登攀。

          6、It is never too late to learn。活到老,學到老。

          7、Experience is the best teacher。實踐出真知。

          8、Better an empty purse than an empty head。寧可錢袋癟,不要腦袋空。

          9、While there is life,there is hope。有生命便有希望/留得青山在,哪怕沒柴燒

          10、If you fail,don't forget to learn your lesson。如果你失敗了,千萬別忘了汲取教訓。

          11、Nothing is impossible to a willing heart。心之所愿,無事不成。

          12、Make yourself a better person and know who you are before you try and know someone else and expect them to know you。在你想了解別人也想讓別人了解你之前,先完善并了解自己。

          13、A great ship asks for deep waters。大船要走深水。

          14、Truth never fears investigation。事實從來不怕調查。

          15、By falling we learn to go safely。吃一塹,長一智。

          16、A man is called selfish,not pursuing his own good,but neglecting his neighbour's。追求自身的利益,不是自私;只有忽視他人的利益,才是自私。

          17、Beware beginnings。慎始為上。

          18、Be swift to hear,slow to speak。多聽少說。

          19、Courtesy costs nothing。禮多人不怪。

          20、Actions speak louder than words。行動比語言更響亮。

          21、Better an open enemy than a false friend。明槍易躲,暗箭難防。

          22、Bind the sack before it be full。做事應適可而止。

          23、Where there is life,there is hope。有生命必有希望。

          24、Two heads are better than one。一人不及二人智;三個臭皮匠,勝個過一個諸葛亮。

          25、Desire has no rest。人的欲望無止境。

          26、To the world you may be one person,but to one person you may be the world。對于世界而言,你是一個人;但是對于某個人,你是他的整個世界。

          27、Search for knowledge,read more,sit on your front porch and admire the view without paying attention to your needs。尋找更多的知識,多讀一些書,坐在你家的前廊里,以贊美的眼光去享受眼前的風景,不要帶上任何功利的想法。

          28、Business is business。公事公辦。

          29、Misfortunes come on wings and depart on foot。遭禍容易脫禍難。

          30、What we lose in hake we shall have in herring。失之東隅,收之桑榆。

          31、Big mouthfuls ofter choke。貪多嚼不爛。

          32、What the heart thinks,the tongue speaks。心直口快。

          33、Great minds think alike。英雄所見略同。

          34、Quality is more important than quantity。One home run is better than two doubles。質重于量,一支全壘打比兩支安打好多了。

          35、From small beginnings comes great things。偉大始于渺小。

          36、No man or woman is worth your tears,and the one who is,won't make you cry。沒有人值得你流淚,值得讓你這么做的人不會讓你哭泣。

          37、The more we do,the more we can do;the more busy we are,the more leisure we have。事越做越能,人越忙越有空。

          38、All happy families are like one another;each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way。所有幸福的家庭都相似,而每個不幸的家庭各不同。

          39、By reading we enrich the mind;by conversation we polish it。讀書可以使我門的思想充實,談話使其更臻完美。

          40、Never judge people by their appearance。永遠不要以貌取人。

          41、I feel strongly that I can make it。我堅信我一定能成功。

          42、If a thing is worth doing it is worth worth doing well。如果事情值得做,就值得好好做。

          43、A bold attempt is half success。勇敢的嘗試是成功的一半。

          44、Business before pleasure。事業在先,享樂在后。

          45、Good company on the road is the shortest cut。行路有良伴就是捷徑。

          46、The voice of one man is the voice of no one。一個人的聲音沒有力量。

          47、Difficult the first time,easy the second。一回生,二回熟。

          48、All things are difficult before they are easy。凡事必先難后易。

          49、What the eye does not see,the heart does not grieve over。眼不見,心不煩。

          50、Wisdom in the mind is better than money in the hand。腦中有知識,勝過手中有金錢。

          51、It is never too late to mend。亡羊補牢,猶時未晚。

          52、What's done by night appears by day。若要人不知,除非己莫為。

          53、What's more miserable than discontent?有什么比不知足更為痛苦?。

          54、Custom makes all things easy。習慣成自然。

          55、Wise men learn by other men's mistakes;fools by their own。聰明人從別人的錯誤中學得教訓;笨人則自己付出代價。他山之石可以攻玉。

          56、Better late than never。遲做總比不做好;晚來總比不來強。

          57、Birds of a feather flock together。物以類聚,人以群分。

          58、What we learn with pleasure we never forget。樂意學的東西決不會忘記。

          59、Live and let live。自己生活也讓別人生活。

          60、A good medicine tasks bitter。良藥苦口。

          61、What you dislike in another,take care to correct in yourself。別人身上你不喜歡的東西,自己身上的也要注意改正。

          62、Live a noble and honest life。Reviving past times in your old age will help you to enjoy your life again。過一種高尚而誠實的生活。當你年老時回想起過去,你就能再一次享受人生。

          63、When a friend asks,there is no tomorrow。朋友的要求不要拖。

          64、Do not teach fish to swim。不要班門弄斧。

          65、Misfortunes tell us what fortune is。不經災難不知福。

          66、Burnt child dreads the fire。一朝被蛇咬,十年怕井繩。

          67、A man,like a watch,is to be valued by this manner of going。一個人,正如一個時鐘,是以他的行動來定其價值的。

          68、Bite off more than one can chew。貪多咽不下。

          69、To an optimist every change is a change for the better。對于樂觀者總是越變越好。

          70、The secret of success is constancy of purpose。成功的秘訣在于持之于恒。

          71、Whatsoever ye would that men should do to you,do ye ever so to them。己所欲,施于人。

          72、Don't try so hard,the best things come when you least expect them to。不要著急,最好的總會在最不經意的時候出現。

          73、Do not keep anything for a special occasion,because every day that you live is a SPECIAL OCCASION。不要將你的東西為了某一個特別的時刻而預留著,因為你生活的每一天都是那么特別。

          74、Use your crystal goblets。Do not save your best perfume,and use it every time you feel you want it。舉起你的酒杯吧。不要吝嗇灑上你最好的香水,你想用的時候就享用吧!

          75、Birth is much,but breeding is more。出身固然重要,教養更且重要。

          76、Money spent on the brain is never spent in vain。智力投資絕不會白花。

          77、What you lose on the swings you gain on the roundabouts。失之東隅,收之桑榆。

          78、What we are ignorant of is immense。我們不知道的東西多得不可勝數。

          79、Misfortunes never come alone/single。禍不單行。

          80、Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm。無熱情成就不了偉業。

          81、Don't waste your time on a man/woman,who isn't willing to waste their time on you。不要為那些不愿在你身上花費時間的人而浪費你的時間

          82、People need to know one another to be at their honest best。人們需要相互了解才能達到最誠實的境界。

          83、What soberness conceals,drunkenness reveals。醉漢口里露真言。

          84、Better good neighbours near than relations far away。遠親不如近鄰。

          85、Remember the best love is to love others unconditionally rather than make demands on them。記住:最好的愛存在于對別人的愛勝于對別人的索求之上。

          86、pain past is pleasure。過去的痛苦即快樂。

          87、By other's faults,wise men correct their own。他山之石,可以攻玉。

          88、There is something that is much more scarce,something rarer than ability。It is the ability to recognize。有的東西比才能稀罕得多,珍貴得多,這就是識別的能力。

          89、Be slow to promise and quick to perform。不輕諾,諾必果。

          90、It takes all sorts to make a world。世界是由各種不同的人所組成的。

          91、Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower。創新決定你是領袖還是跟隨者。

          92、What's bred in the bone will come out in the flesh。生就的本性,總會暴露的。

          93、Great works are performed not by strength but by perseverance。沒有恒心只有力量是完不成偉業。

          94、By doing we learn。經一事,長一智。

          95、Friendship is both a source of pleasure and a component of good health。友誼既是快樂之源泉,又是健康之要素。

          96、Storms make trees take deeper roots。風暴使樹木深深扎根。

          97、I want to put a ding in the universe。我要在宇宙中留下痕跡。

          98、What the eye sees not,the heart craves not。目不瞬,心不亂。

          99、Your time is limited,so don't waste it living someone else's life。你的時間有限,所以不要浪費時間去過別人的生活。

          100、East or west,home is the best。東奔西跑,還是家里好。

          101、Better to light one candle than to curse the darkness。與其詛咒黑暗,不如燃起蠟燭。

          102、Between two stools one falls to the ground。腳踏兩頭要落空。

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